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  • Andiker Pet Interactive Fun Feeder Bowl,Non Slip Puzzle Bowl Fun Feeder,Slow Feeder Bowls are Suitable for Dog & Cat

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    1. High Quality PP Material: The pet interactive feeder is made of food-safe material, which has good anti-shock and anti-aging properties. The workmanship is meticulous, the surface is smooth, and it is both strong and durable. The material is safe and not easy to breed bacteria, let your pets have fun, you can rest assured.
    2. Texture Design: Our dog puzzle bowl has a prominent texture design, which effectively prevents pets from eating too fast and thus causes indigestion, while increase the fun of eating and playing, killing two birds with one stone.
    3. Center of Gravity: The bottom of the center of gravity, not easy to move, to prevent the dog from leaking when eating food, the reinforced and reinforced design of the pelvic bottom makes the cat slow feeder bowl strong in weight and resistant to falling. Effectively prevent your pet from easily overturning the food tray to the ground. It not only wastes dog food but also is difficult to clean. The pet puzzle bowl solves a big problem for you.

  • Andiker Portable Dog Water Bottle, Pet Water Bottle for Outdoor Playing Walking Hiking,Dog Travel Water Drink Cup with Bowl Dispenser,Leak Proof,Food Grade12 OZ/350ml

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    【2 in 1 Feeding and Drinking Bottle for Dogs】: There are two chambers in one bottle, it equates to 1 dog water bottle and 1 dog food container. which keeps food dry and water clean for several days. One for 200ml for fresh water and another dry pet food container is 230ml for dry food. The sink is spacious and suitable for the mouth of dogs. It can help small dogs,large dogs and dogs with short mouth to drink easier.
    【Convenient to Use】: One key to open/lock water, one hand operation. The dog food water bottle eliminate the process of opening the lid and pouring water. You can easily recycle the left water. It is also easy dismantling and cleaning.
    【Suitable for Outdoor Activities】: Suitable for traveling, camping and other outdoor activities, this dog food and water bottle is convenient for you to feed your pets anywhere. Ready for any adventure from short-walk to long-time traveling with this travel water dispenser. It’s portable size fits the cup holder in car or you can hang it on the backpack. You can carry it everywhere, and your pet can eat and drink on the go.