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  • Peanuts Dog Sling for Small Pets | Comfortable with extra Safety Features Dog Carrier Sling, Airline Approved | Dog Sling Carrier with Extra Safety Strap l Pet Sling for Small Dogs with Comfy Strap Sh

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    COMFY, STRONG AND SAFE DESIGN: Keep your pet close to your heart wherever you are with this high-quality Snoopy Sling Bag. Smartly designed, tough-wearing and comfortable, our dog carriers for small dogs and cats are easy to use and super-comfy for your pet. Other sling bags may be cheaper, but ours offer a high-quality design specially made to keep your adored pet safe.
    CARRIES PETS UP TO 12 LBS IN WEIGHT: These pet carriers for small dogs are perfect for pampered Pugs, tired-out Terriers, and any other pet up to 12lbs in weight. Our dog carrier bag can securely carry up to 12lbs of beloved fluff-ball thanks to their solid and super-safe design. Most other sling bags only manage to carry as little as 10lbs. Need we say more?
    EXCLUSIVE OFFICIAL SNOOPY ARTWORK: He’s the world’s greatest cartoon dog and now he’s on the world’s greatest dog slings for small dogs! Each of these high-quality dog bags comes with one of five different OFFICIAL Snoopy designs for you to choose from. Peanuts only allow their mascot to be on products that pass their strict quality standards, so accept no imitations and choose Snoopy!

  • Zoozpets Snoopy Dog Shirt Clothes | Official Peanuts Licensee Dog Shirts in 7 Different Colors and Styles | Pet Apparel Dog t Shirt for Puppy, Small, Medium and Large Dogs

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    PERFECT FOR ANY DOG: The Zooz Pets Snoopy Peanuts t-shirt is the perfect accessory for your pet! Make your treasured petthe most fashionable pup on the block. Ourcomfydogtee comes in 5 sizes (XS, S, M, L, XL) which fitsmostsmall, medium & largebreeds including chihuahuas, yorkies, pugs, doodles, labs, pomeranians, shih tzus, poodles, bulldogs, terriersand many more.Reviewour size chart to determine the perfect fit.
    PREMIUM QUALITY & DESIGN: Available in 5 different colors with our exclusive Snoopy & Charlie Brown designs, we have the perfect shirt for your adorable pooch. Our cute pullover tee is cut high around the belly, so you don’t have to worry about removing it when your pet goes to the bathroom. It’s super comfortable, stretchable and holds its shape nicely as your pet plays and has fun.
    BEST LIGHTWEIGHT FABRIC: Enjoy uninterrupted playtime with this premium breathable fabric. Your pet can run and play in our t-shirt without being overheated. The light material can be worn inside or outside making it the perfect no-fuss addition to your dog’s wardrobe.